Jul 142011


My buddy Chris Raymond over at Chris on Cars recently published this article highlighting some of his favorite blogs and wouldn’t you know The BreakdownLane.com is one of them. Check out Chris’ full  article here.

Much like Chris, I am on car blogs almost everyday of the week and the more sites I find the more I realize there is plenty of room for new sites. Many bloggers seem to find a unique outlook on the things they write about and I enjoy these sites for that reason. Nothing is more boring to me than to visit a few of the tops car sites only to see the same boring new car news with the occasional youtube clip of some jackass doing something stupid in a car…kinda like this guy who does the most INSANE jumps in crap can cars I have ever seen. Seriously, if you don’t watch anything else today, watch that.

And with that I’m headed down to Cape Cod for a night to visit my old stomping grounds and see some friends. I’ll be posting about this weekends big car shows tomorrow so check back to get the skinny on whats going on in the Boston area.


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