Nov 182014

“Boston’s Thanksgiving traffic is not much worse than its normal traffic”

No shit. We know it’s bad. It’s bad ALL the time. Just yesterday what normally would take 60-75 minutes took 3 hours. A friend of mine, Vicky, left her house at 7:15 from Marshfield and arrive to work at 10am . WTF? Why? Wecause it rained and one person broke down on the southeast expressway. Awesome, we are awesome. Que the “Big Dig” jokes. I can’t wait to see how bad it is in another 10 years.

The take away? There isn’t one. If you commute to Boston everyday, then you KNOW this man!

Gobble, Gobble!

via Boston’s Thanksgiving Traffic Is Bad — and It’s Even Worse on Tuesday – Boston Visitors’ Guide –

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