JK Lilly (87)

Paul Stevens
South of Boston, MA

For Auto Appraisal Services please visit –

For All Else-


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  1. If you would like to interview Lenny for your blog (Chop-Shop Customs Inc) he would be happy to oblige. Just let me know and good luck with the site!

    • Dana that sounds great. I’ll contact you next week to set something up and I’ll bring my camera. Thanks!

  2. Hey Paul – Really like the website! Good job, I’ll be sure to check for any events I can attend. I’ll also share any pictures from the AMLS on the 9th in case you put together something about that.


  3. Great site Paul! I know I’m on the wrong side of the map, but I’ll be keeping up with you and your escapades as best I can. There are a few shows out here that I might be able to attend. If so, I’ll send you some contributions. Keep up the good work!

    Clay (Formerly of USS Carr fame)

  4. Hi Paul,

    I was behind you on Grove Street the other day and saw the bumper sticker on the 944. Cool site.

    I’m the guy with the black 928, just put it away for the winter. Peugeot 505 wagon is my winter car.

    Let’s get together for a beer sometime.


  5. Ah yes the 505, you have 2, a 928 and an E-Class! I drive by your house a few days a week taking the kids to school. You must be a gluten for maintenance punishment like me. I knew that was you, I sent you a direct email. Thanks for checking out my blog and check it in the spring for the car show calendar!


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