Aug 112011

Part of my car obsession is a bit of a fantasy world, I’m sure many of you can relate. I have my fun little car that I take to shows but car people are never truly satisfied with whats in the garage. If only we had more space, time or money we could fit more cars in the barn, right? Well I have a habit of drooling over cars I can’t have, not an unobtainable $600,000 Corvette like this one in Cranston R.I. but cars that I can drive and have fun with, but are still quite a site to behold. If I get really dreamy I know a bad ass restomod Shelby Mustang GT500 would be cool, heck this one is right down the road in Kingston and you can buy it now for the low low price of only $75,000

Then reality strikes me down with a backhand and I realize if I had the means, I’d rather have a bunch of lower priced cars rather than one or two really expensive ones. Check out some of the cars I found around the Massachusetts area that I wouldn’t mind having myself. And if you need some time to kill, try doing a zip code search for older cars for sale near you, you might just find some crazy stuff. There are far more than what I have listed here.

Sweet ’57 Chevy Bel Air

1968 Camaro, clean clean clean

1965 Buick Riviera – nice driver


1971 BMW 2002 “Roundie”, some work needed

 Cheap 1938 LaSalle – Project

1934 REO Flying Cloud Sedan

 – I love this car, the looks just take me back to the 30’s. And its a car that has some minor cosmetic issues and to me, that means I could drive the hell out of it and not worry about the paint work.

I really have been on a truck kick lately, some of the older trucks from the 30’s and 40’s are pretty affordable and they really look cool. Especially original ones with a patina finish, but I couldn’t find any of those in the area. There’s always Craigslist, but that’s for another day. Back to reality for me and my “Sixteen Candles” Porsche. What’s in your dream garage?



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