Sep 022011

It’s kinda sad isn’t it? It’s that time a year again when the nights get cool and the mercury just doesn’t seem to rise as high as it did just a few short weeks ago. Good thing all the car crazy’s around Boston just don’t let up. The car show calendar has some really cool event listed for the next few weeks and if history prevails, we’ll have some good cruising weather well into October. That’s just fine with me since the A/C in my 85 Porsche is completely shot and I really don’t feel like dropping four figures on that stuff. My money is better spent on diapers and juice boxes right now. As always there are a good number of  Cars & Coffee and Cruise Nights this weekend, but this will soon change. Sadly this is the month when we start to say goodbye to the weekly cruise nights. We still have some cool shows though. Check out some of this weekends highlights…

All Weekend

Vintage Racing – Lime Rock Park.   I actually just sold my tickets to this :( I really wanted to go. This is a huge collection of older cars and its great to see these things out there on the track and up close. For more information log onto Lime Rock’s website here.



Saturday Sept 3rd, 2011

The Falmouth Dream Cruise, Falmouth Town Square – I took my son to this last year and it was great. Collector cars take over the town square and there are a ton of food vendors and shops open for business. They normally have things pretty spread out down there so there is a bit of walking involved if you want to see everything. It’s a nice day trip for the whole family really, there are plenty of non car things to keep everyone occupied while the guys roam the grass looking at all the great cars. Last year there was an amazing AMC Pacer there! You wouldn’t want to miss that would you?












Sunday Sept 4th 2011

Spindles 31st Annual Car Show & Swap Meet, Marshfield Fairgrounds. I have been wanting to get tho this show for at least three years now and this year I finally have the opportunity to go. That means I have roughly 36 hours to try and make the miracle happen, that is getting my old Porsche to start. The stubborn little German car has been an outstanding car for me, but this goes with the territory of owning old cars. Anyway I should have some decent pics and a write up on this show and the Spindles Car Club who runs the whole shindig.







The HCB 2nd Annual Vintage car Show, Ashby MA. I don’t know much about this one but any show that restricts entrants to pre 1948 is perfectly fine with me. As far as i am concerned we don’t see enough pre-war cars around here and I know they are out there too. Check out the facebook profile this show here.


Swedish Car Day, The Larz Anderson Auto Museum. The Larz never dissapoints, this is a rain date from the 8/28 show and it should have a pretty good turn out of Saabs, Volvos and probably a few other oddballs.


The only thing I see going on Monday is the Annual Labor Day cookout and cruise in all day in Middleboro at VFW Post 6643, 89 Middleboro Road ( RT #18 ), East Freetown, MA.

And with that I am pretty much outta here for the weekend. Make sure you folks take some good pics and have a happy and safe holiday weekend. And get ready for the onslaught of school buses cloggin up your morning commute too!



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