Toad Hall Sports Car Collection


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  1. […] My intentions are not to criticize, but to just tell it the way I saw it. These cars are valuable and they look good, they just need a little love here and there. Looking at all these cars as I was shooting photos, I realized that not all was lost. I quickly overcame my shock and began feeling really impressed with every single car in here. They all appear to be original or at least somewhat preserved. They all look like they could be great drivers with a little sprucing up. I like to see these types of cars when they appear to have been driven with pleasure for years on end then parked. I really enjoyed looking through the interiors. For me, much of the character is in the interior.  The gauges and the shiny metal dashboards, old leather and steering wheel tell the story decade’s old driving pleasure. Some of these were full on race cars and I would pay good money to pilot one of the Lotus 7’s he’s got here. I especially a big fan of the ’55 Austin-Healy with the grass growing up through the shifter! […]

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